TikTok can be closed! Chinese employees will see all the data!


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the popular short video sharing platform TikTok has become a topic of discussion with a new security policy. Radically changing the privacy policy on data accessibility, the platform will allow employees from outside Europe to access data in the EU and the UK.

Chinese social media app TikTok has received a lot of criticism over data privacy in recent years. TikTok, which states that user data is stored in the country or region where it is located, is making dramatic changes in data accessibility.

The company said that access to user data will be opened up for a more fun and safer environment. TikTok European Head of Privacy Elaine Fox, who made statements on the issue, stated that this decision will affect the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The confidentiality of data in Turkey is currently unclear.

Employees in multiple countries, including China, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, the United States, will have access to data about European users. It is also worth noting that TikTok European user data is stored on servers in the USA and Singapore.

Fox, the Head of Privacy, underlined that TikTok's data practices will be carried out transparently. “We will work to gain trust with our community through updates that focus on our investments in people, processes and technology,” he said.

TikTok, which has become one of the largest social media services of all time, has more than 1 billion monthly users worldwide. In addition, let's also note that it is a very favorite application among generation Z. Dec.

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