The final stage of the SolarUp Acceleration Program has been started


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Organized by Kalyon PV in cooperation with Viveka, the SolarUp Acceleration Program, which aims to support projects that can make an impact in the renewable energy sector, has reached the final stage. 9 Initiatives selected from hundreds of applications passed to the PoC process. Dec. Here are the details…

A healthy world for future generations in line with the goal of producing renewable energy technologies renewable energy and PV galleon to leave in recent months, in order to support the ecosystem and to implement innovative technologies ‘SolarUp Acceleration Program launched.

Kalyon PV, which is the only one in the world with its facility where the four stages of solar panel production, including R &D, are gathered under one roof, has opened its doors to feasible projects with the Deceleration Acceleration Program. Each of the 9 initiatives selected from hundreds of applications to the program and remaining to the PoC (Proof of Concept / Proof of Concept) process was supported with a PoC budget of 50 thousand TL. Dec.

Galleon acceleration program carried out in cooperation with solarup edited by Viveka and the PV industry, without distinction, Sustainability, solar energy, industry 4.0, intelligent machines, green technologies, and innovative materials met with scalable technology solutions in the field of digital transformation.

In the program, which brings ecosystem stakeholders together at meetings held in Ankara and Istanbul and implements the most important move of Turkey in the field of sustainable energy, the Dec process continues with 9 initiatives.

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