The big draw on Twitter: The winning names are getting fired!


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Elon Musk, who has been trying to buy Twitter for months, stuck to the deal even though he was in court because of the conflict he had with the company's board of directors and finally got what he wanted. But in fact, this meant that thousands of Twitter employees would be fired. Here are the details…

Elon Musk, who entered the Twitter headquarters building with a sink in his hand, actually gave signals in advance that he would clean up. After he sat down at his desk, his first job was to fire the senior executives one by one. After that, he continued to make decisions that attracted the reaction of many segments.

Of course, after becoming the head of the company, he handled many things from the services offered to the users of the platform to the internal and administrative policies. But once again, he came up with the idea that he would lay off his employees. Moreover, this time he will fire several thousand people at once.

The entire company was also confused overnight by the email sent by Musk to his employees yesterday. Although it is not yet known who is leaving and who is permanent, everyone has been told to expect an email today. But here's where things get interesting.

As can be understood from the statements made and emails sent, Musk aims to reduce the number of employees in Twitter by at least 50 percent, more than 7 thousand. This means that more than 3,500 people will be fired.

Moreover, these people will not be selected according to a performance order based on the work they do or how hard they work. It will be calculated that a minimum number of people will work for the company in each department, and the rest will be fired directly.

In addition, according to the e-mail sent, the people who will continue the work process in the company will receive this notification through their work accounts, and those who have been fired will receive this notification October via their personal e-mail addresses. Because when the message reaches them, everything from company accounts to the office entrance card will be invalidated.