Samsung has given a date for the foldable iPad!


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Samsung's mobile device department held a meeting with suppliers in the third week of October. According to the information received, one of the main topics of the meeting was foldable phones and tablets. It is stated that Apple's foldable device policy was also discussed at this meeting.

The foldable iPad could hit the market in 2024
Samsung, one of Apple's display manufacturers, gave hints at the meeting with its suppliers that Apple-signed foldable products will be released in 2024. Apple's foldable display technology is expected to be used on tablets instead of phones in the first place.

According to the information received, it is quite likely that we will see a foldable iPad model in 2024. For a foldable iPhone, you will probably have to wait a little longer. The earliest predicted date for the ’iPhone Flip' is stated to be 2025.

At the same meeting, Samsung stated that the foldable screen device Sunday is growing significantly. The company predicts that by 2025, the foldable device Sunday will grow by 80 percent every year. In this growth, Apple's stepping into these models can play an important role.

Samsung, one of the leading brands in the field of foldable display, also wants to improve itself in this regard. The South Korean company, which wants to make its devices more durable, also intends to reduce the screen folding footprint. In addition, work is underway to make foldable devices thinner and lighter.

According to the claims made, Samsung was planning to use higher-end cameras in the Galaxy Fold 4. However, it is stated that the company has abandoned these plans due to weight and thickness problems in the foldable phone.

It seems that over the years, foldable phones and tablets will become much more involved in our lives. With the participation of Apple, the competition here will become even more heated. What do you think about a possible folding iPad model? You can share your feedback with us in the comments section.