Elon Musk explained: Blue Tick to everyone who gives his money!


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No investment is unrequited. Especially if it's worth $ 44 billion. There are only a few companies and billionaires who can spend such a huge amount on a single business. In return, he is offered the freedom to do what he wants without shareholders and the board of directors. Elon Musk, who completed the Twitter acquisition process, is doing exactly that. Now Blue Tick (approved account) holders will pay monthly.

Elon Musk, who entered the Twitter headquarters building with a sink in his hand, actually gave signals in advance that he would clean up. After he sat down at his desk, his first job was to fire the senior executives one by one. After that, he continued to make decisions that attracted the reaction of many segments.

He made a number of decisions, ranging from the company's advertising policies to people who were blocked from entering the platform. So much so that he even responded positively to the criticism about the length of the video directed at him via Twitter. So right now he's devoting all his time to his new toy.

Even the managers of some of Musk's competitors from the automotive sector closed their Twitter accounts, while some announced that they had withdrawn previously agreed advertisements. Nevertheless, we see that Musk has dozens of ideas in mind to make money.

Finally, in the exchange made by Musk himself tonight, it was announced that verified accounts with a Blue Tick will pay $ 8 per month. Of course, in addition to a simple icon, we were told that some advantages would also come. October. Because Blue will be included in the subscription service.