Does opening 500 tabs in Safari slow down iPhones?


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Does opening 500 tabs in Safari slow down iPhones?

There are many different things that can slow down your phone. An old and worn-out battery can be one of them. Or installing a new generation version of iOS on an old iPhone model can also have some bad consequences. Filling up your phone's storage space with unnecessary apps can also slow down your phone in a similar way.

But what about opening many extra tabs, what effect does it have on iPhone models? Fortunately, opening extra tabs through Safari is not one of the situations that slows down your phone. So how does Apple achieve this?

Apple allows Safari to manage tabs automatically, ensuring that the number of tabs does not affect the phone's performance. The tabs that are open in Safari do not work in the background, so that it also does not make a negative contribution to the phone's performance.

In short, Safari tabs do not slow down iPhone models. Even if 500 tabs are opened in the background, the effect of this situation on phone performance can be counted as zero. Even if 500 tabs or even more are opened by creating another group on the phone, it does not affect the phone performance.