Better than Hubble! The DAG Telescope has received its huge mirror


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As a result of the project first implemented by Ataturk University, the DAG telescope, the largest in Europe, was placed in the Eastern Anatolian Observatory, which began to be built in 2012 at an altitude of 3,170 meters in the Palandoken district of Erzurum. Finally, a special mirror was also placed. Here are the details…

The countdown has begun for the Eastern Anatolian Observatory, or DAG Telescope for short, which will be the largest in Europe. It is true that the project has been in a half-waiting phase for the last few years, as it takes time to procure the huge lenses produced on order from abroad.

To take a closer look, the lenses of this telescope were specially manufactured in Italy. The mirror with a special coating of 4 meters, which was brought to our country in July and is currently placed in the telescope, was also brought from Russia.

In other words, the latest technology products from all over the world were collected at the request of scientists. In this way, the largest infrared telescope in Europe has been installed in Turkey. But let's note that this device is not yet operational.

It was originally planned to start operating in 2020. However, problems such as the pandemic caused the entire functioning to sag. For this reason, its opening was also postponed, first to 2021, and then to 2022. The telescope, which started its first tests in August, looks like the promise of 2022 will be kept.

For those who want to visit this observatory early, a sky observation event was organized on July 22-23 in the Palandoken district of Erzurum, that is, at the location where the Eastern Anatolian Observatory is located. You can watch this event, which we also participated in, via the link below.