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    The Samsung Galaxy S23+ is in the performance test!

    The countdown has now started for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Samsung will offer these models to the liking of users very soon. There have been many leaks and claims about smartphones so far. In fact, the standard and Ultra models of the series have recently appeared in performance tests...
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    Google Play Games is now available in 8 more countries!

    Google has introduced the Play Games platform, which allows mobile game lovers to play Android games on the Windows operating system. The platform, which was first offered for closed beta testing in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia, began to be used by all players in these...
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    The final stage of the SolarUp Acceleration Program has been started

    Organized by Kalyon PV in cooperation with Viveka, the SolarUp Acceleration Program, which aims to support projects that can make an impact in the renewable energy sector, has reached the final stage. 9 Initiatives selected from hundreds of applications passed to the PoC process. Dec. Here are...
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    Elon Musk's big project has been frustrated! It will be used as a parking lot

    The Boring Company founded by Elon Musk always stands out with the different projects it puts forward. The largest of these studies stands out as the Hyperloop project. Unfortunately, the project, which deals with the rather rapid progress of vehicles through a tunnel, is not progressing as...
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    Does opening 500 tabs in Safari slow down iPhones?

    Does opening 500 tabs in Safari slow down iPhones? There are many different things that can slow down your phone. An old and worn-out battery can be one of them. Or installing a new generation version of iOS on an old iPhone model can also have some bad consequences. Filling up your phone's...